Ready to try e-decorating?

Our professional Online Interior Decorators can help you create a fresh new look in your home.
Without blowing your entire budget on hourly designer fees!


“But, how can you decorate my home without seeing it?”

IT’s actually pretty simple, just..

1. Snap a few pictures of your room and complete our stylefinder questionnaire.
2. We then take all of your thoughts and ideas and combine them with our design savvy to create a custom decorating plan for you.
3. Decorate your room by following the detailed instructions in your decorating plan!

“What is a decorating plan?”

IT’s a step-by-step decorating guide packed full of specific decorating advice for your room. Each e-decorating plan is created from scratch and includes everything you need to know to create your designer room. Space Plan, furniture arrangement, room color scheme, decorative accessories, artwork, lighting, area rugs.. your decorating plan covers each and every aspect of your room.

“How do you know what I want?”

We’re listening. Our exclusive stylefinder questionnaire let’s you do the talking:
• Tell your decorator what you love and don’t love about your room.
• Select pictures from our design gallery that show your decorator the room styles that appeal to you.
• Specify your decorating budget, tell us what stays and what goes in the room and where you want to shop.
Then, one of our professional decorators will get to work, finding the best way to tailor your new room design to your lifestyle, your tastes and your budget.


“How long does it take?”

Your part takes about 45 minutes, all you need to do is fill out the styleFinder.
 Once we receive your styleFinder and payment we’ll have your  e-decorating plan complete in two weeks or less.

“What do I get when I purchase a style IT decorating plan?”

A complete room decorating consultation that covers everything from paint colors to toss cushions; whatever you’ll need to make your room look sensational is covered in your decorating portfolio. Our professional Interior Decorators spend as much as 30 hours planning, shopping and writing your custom decorating plan. We include pictures and details for any new items we suggest,  instructions on where to place everything and sketches so that you’ll have all of the info you’ll need to create your designer room. And if by chance you have any questions about your decorating plan we also include follow-up support so that you’ll feel completely confident putting your room together.

Check out a Sample Living Room e-Decorating Plan here

“How Much Does It Cost?”

Well that depends on the type of room you are decorating, our decorating plans start at $367. Rooms that require more furniture and accessories cost a bit more; we use a sofa as the determining factor, because rooms with sofas require more decorating.

STEP 1. Choose the statement that describes your room

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STEP 2. Include a 3-D Virtual Tour of your new design

Want to see what your new design will look like before you commit? Upgrade to a 3-D decorating plan you’ll get to take a virtual tour plus 3-D renderings of your finished room. Watch this video to see what you’ll get!

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“Can I hire you to decorate my entire home.. online?
YES! Sticking with one decorator is a fantastic idea, it ensures that your new home design has a sense of flow and unity. However, we recommend that you only do one room at a time, just to make sure that you don’t run out of steam. Start with your biggest common room (Living Room, Great Room, Family Room, ect.), once that room is done we can work on decorating the rest of your home; one room at a time. And, with our unique pricing structure you’ll never pay too much for decorating smaller rooms.

Have Questions?
Whether you’re not sure which pricing tier your room fits into or even if you have questions about your style IT decorating portfolio we are always ready to answer your questions. Contact us at admin@decorateITonline.com

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