Picking the Right Paint Color can Make, or Break the Room

painted living room with designer color scheme, e-decorating service


Most people have a hard time choosing paint colors. You may love the color on the little chip but are you absolutely sure it’ll look great on the walls?

Of course, the sensible thing to do is purchase a few cans of “tester” paint to create a patchwork sample on your wall.. but does that really make your choice easier?

No matter how big the sample size, it’s just not that easy for most people to imagine how that paint color will look when it envelops the room.

Get the right color, the first time.

You don’t need to procrastinate and you definately don’t need to stare at a patchwork paint sample for weeks trying to pick the perfect color.

With our paint IT service, you’ll get the perfect paint colors for your room along with out decorator’s notes to explain exactly why this color will create your perfect atmosphere and harmonize with the other elements in your room.

Using our StyleFinder guide we take the time to find out what you want, this way we’ll only make color recommendations that you’ll love – no need to worry we’ll suggest painting a room green when you absolutely hate that color. Our industry-tested questions ensure you feel completely safe trusting us with creating a space that feels just perfect for you.

Save time and money by choosing the right paint color.

No guesswork.

No patchwork colors on the walls.

No more “tester” paint cans littering the basement.

No work at all, in fact – we’ll create the perfect color palette for you in just one week!

Oh, and did we mention it’s the fraction of the cost of the same service from an in-home decorator? Same service, lower price, and less hassle for you. What could be better?

Have one of our professional e-Decorators create a complete room decorating plan for you
and we’ll find the perfect new paint colors for your room!

Learn more about our styleIT or styleIT 3D decorating plans.


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