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Choosing The Right Paint Color for Your Home

It seems that whenever I pass by the wall of paint chips in any home improvement store there is always at least one person staring blankly at the seemingly endless wall of color samples. One hand typically holds a fanned out array of color swatches while their eyes methodically scan the wall hoping for the “the perfect color” to leap out… this time.

Choosing the right paint color isn’t easy, and I’d bet that there’s enough “mis-tint” paint stashed in basement corners across the country to paint the White House 100 times over.

So how do you choose the right designer paint color for your room? Here are a few tips from long time industry pro with a passion for color (and painting):

Dark Paint Colors

Don’t Whimp Out! If you want a deep rich color on your walls check your conservative hat at the door. There is no halfway or safe way to be bold, if you want Red pick the darkest shade in the colorway otherwise you’ll end up with pink. Or a rich Chocolate will end up looking like watered down coffee with cream and so on… if you’re going to do it, be fearless!

Designer White Paint Colors

You may think that decorators are just being flamboyant when they drone on about the billions of shades of white out there, but, I’ll stand firm, the right white can make all the difference in the world. The subtle undertones can either create a soft, clean, cozy feeling in the room or it’ll end up looking the the inside of a liquid paper bottle. When choosing a white paint color the best advice that I can give is to consider the other colors in the room; for example if you are decorating a room with warm brown or beige colors be sure to stay away from whites with a blue or cool grey undertone (it’s probably the biggest rookie mistake).

Helpful Tips!

Never Ever make your final selection under the fluorescent lights of the home improvement or paint store, always take a few samples home to see what it’ll look like in the room with your furnishings.

If you’re not sure what the undertone of a paint color is, place the sample on a white piece of paper, having a neutral background will usually make the undertone jump out (even if you don’t have a lot of experience choosing colors).

There is so much more to say on this subject but I’ll have to save that for anther blog post. So for now I’ll close off by saying, never be afraid to try a new paint color, it is by far the most big-impact,  budget-friendly decorating tool available and the results may astonish you. If you’d like help choosing the right paint color for your home try using our paintIT e-decorating plan, it’s an affordable way to get a designers paint color recommendations, customized to your home. Because, in the world of paint, practice makes perfect and we’ve had lots of practice!

Have any great painting success stories, comments or tips to share? Post a comment below, I’d love to hear from you!