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How to Decorate a Family Room

Adding the WOW factor to a Neutral Color Scheme

For this Free Room Review Stacy from California submitted pictures of her Family Room to get my opinion on what to do with the challenging furniture layout. She also mentioned that she likes warm comfortable rooms that are inviting; rooms that have a traditional touch but don’t feel stuffy or uptight.

decorate family room
Planning a Furniture Arrangement for Long Narrow Rooms can be a Challenge

The real challenge for me though, is that Stacy doesn’t like Browns or Grey and most of her room is quite neutral. I’ll always do my best to honor any request that a client offers up because I believe that your home should reflect you and your tastes, not mine. However I have to say that this room had me stumped, but, after some persistence I managed to find a few sensational items that’ll bring some wow factor to this space!

Stacy, here’s what I came up with for your Family Room:


The best way to decorate long narrow Living Rooms is to visually divide the space into two distinct areas, then treat each of those areas as an individual room. You’ve already got a great layout on the far end of the room (where the TV cabinet is) but the space where the occasional chair sits seems underutilized. So after playing around with a few options I finally settled on making this a multi-purpose area because I know you entertain a lot. With 4 comfy chairs this space now has a “coffee-house” vibe that that could easily transform into a games area whenever you need it too!

Furniture Arrangement for a Long Narrow Family Room
Visually Divide Long Narrow Rooms by Creating Two Distinct Areas Within The Larger Room


Stacy, you mentioned that your sofa has to stay, but because it is such a mid-tone color and very similar to the wall color, we’ll need to add some contrast elsewhere the room for interest. Knowing that you’re not a fan of Browns I opted to go to the other end of the spectrum and chose off-white to keep the light, bright feeling in the room. I wanted to define the new entertaining area as a unique space, and having different colored furniture will achieve this.These new slipper chairs are a birch color which is perfect because it doesn’t have a yellow undertone. Both your walls and sofa have a slight peachy-pinky undertone and yellow in this room just wouldn’t work.

Birch Colored Slipper Chair for Entertaining Area

I also liked these slipper chairs because they have a similar line to your sofa but the button tufting on the back gives it a more tailored look, this’ll start to create that traditional feel you’re looking for in the room. These chairs are also a steal of a deal and will easily fit into your decorating budget.. Click Here to Buy these Chairs


Use a Clean, Simple Wood Coffee Table to Anchor the Accent Chairs

To finish off the furniture in this area I also found this simple but elegant round coffee table. The color is almost identical to the curio cabinet that you love, making it a perfect fit for this side of the room. Like this table? You can buy it, click here!


Stacy, I wanted to give you some options that would bring some wow factor to this room. So I immediately went to toss cushions, relatively speaking they are an inexpensive way to bring some drama to the space and if you ever want to transform the look of a room, toss cushions are very easy to change!

Use a Patterned Throw Pillow to Unify the Color Scheme in the Room

The first toss cushion that I choose for your room is this gorgeous velvet pillow with a crewel embroidery pattern. It’ll look sensational on your sofa because it’ll give you some contrast but the big plus of this pillow is the accent colors in the embroidery (aqua and celery). By introducing just this little bit of colorful pattern we are opening up possibilities for beautiful, striking accent colors. I call this element a “design key” it’s the element (or elements) of a design that unify all of the colors in the room, and make the color palette make sense. Although I tried desperately to stay away from browns, the truth is that your room needs a touch of a darker color to bring depth. On the plus side though you’ll only need 2 of these pillows on your sofa! Buy This Pillow Here


Seaglass Accent Pillow
Thyme Accent Pillow


With the velvet toss cushions in place we can have a bit of fun with the rest of the accent colors, like the greens you love. For your sofa I’d suggest sticking with the softer, more muted colors like the seaglass and thyme pillow. BUT, this sensational vibrant green apple color is perfect for the the new entertaining area. The green apple brings some drama and vibrancy to the space while still tying in with the rest of the colors in the room!

Green Apple Accent Pillow

Well Stacy that should give you a good fresh start to your room, and give you the opportunity to start using this room to it’s full potential. Once you’ve got these items in place we can look at a new area rug option (with less brown!) and soft flowing drapery panels to accentuate the height of the room. So when you’re ready to tackle the rest of the elements in the room, check out our complete styleIT and styleIT 3D decorating plans. A complete decorating plan is 20-30 pages of the same well thought out, professional decorating advice that you’ve received here, just more of it!

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Introducing… Our Free Room Review Decorating Service!

I know it may seem a little strange that a professional decorating company is offering a free service, but yes it’s true we are now offering free decorating advice. And like most great ideas there’s a story behind it that I’d like to share with you!

I’ve been in the industry for over a decade now and I’ll admit that I’d kind of forgotten what it feels like to be in the clients shoes. The sense of uncertainty and anticipation associated with entrusting a person that you hardly know to take all of your garbled hopes, dreams and ideas and distill them into something functional and beautiful to look at, can be a little unnerving to say the least.

I became reacquainted with that feeling recently when I started shopping for a new website designer. The tables were now turned and I found myself thinking how on earth are they ever going to take my pages and pages of ideas and come up with something that I actually like and want?

So faced with having to decide between a list of prospects I became a demanding client and I flat out asked, what can you do for me?

Although I got quite a few responses I was particularly impressed with one, this designer had taken the time to look over the site, give me some feedback and come up with a few preliminary ideas on how to fix the challenges that I was faced with. I was impressed, satisfied with his dedication and felt confident that I could trust him. It was the extra effort and personal connection that made all of the difference to me.

I then realized, this is what my clients must go through when they decide to hire a decorator. Wow!

That’s when the idea came to me to offer Free Room Reviews! It’s a great way to give clients the chance to interview me and actually experience first hand how easy and personal e-decorating can be.

So here’s how the Free Room Review works, to order one all you need to do is fill out a condensed styleFinder and upload a few pics of your room. It only takes about 20 minutes.

We then review all of the info and come up with some preliminary decorating ideas (real ideas, not just fluff!) write them all down and send them off to you in 2 days or less.

Of course we hope that you’ll be so impressed with what we can do, that you decide to purchase a service but you’re also welcome to take our ideas and run with them on your own.

Our Free Room Reviews have already been a hit, and I hope that more people take advantage of this awesome service, so please tell anyone that you know who’s looking to make a change to their home!

Check it out for yourself by CLICKING HERE!

I’d also love to hear your thoughts or comments, please leave a note below before you go!

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