Furniture Arrangement Options for a Small Living Room

Jenn recently approached me asking for decorating help with her small, awkwardly shaped Living Room. She is tired of her hand-me-down furniture and is looking for something stylish, neutral and more modern.

How to arrange furniture in small living room

The first thing I always tackle whenever I start a new room design is the space plan. And, you’d be amazed at what a difference a new furniture arrangement alone, can make in a room. When I do a custom decorating plan for clients I would only every decide on one space plan, but, for this blog post I thought it would be fun to visually show you the options I consider before committing to one.

OPTION 1 – Using a Sofa to Enclose the Room

Living Room Furniture Arrangement with Sectional Sofa

DECORATING TIP   Always have  at least  one seat positioned  opposite to  the sofa This configuration gives the room a really intimate feel. Using the sofa as a virtual wall encloses the space, but, because the sofa has a low profile you’re not making the space feel cut off. This option also has lots of seating options both on the sofa and also on the small decorative stools (like the ones shown here) along the opposite wall. Having enough seating in the room gives it a really welcoming feel.
Accent stool for living room space plan

OPTION 2 – A Wide Open Walkway

Space Plan for Awkward Living Room with Sectional Sofa 2

DECORATING TIP-   Use a side table  to anchor an occasional chair that’s floating  in the roomAnother option for this space is to push all of the heavy elements to the back of the space leaving a wide, clear pathway into the room. This option uses a full occasional chair instead of the two decorative stools, making it a better option if you entertain more and would like a comfy seat for your guests to sit in. Whenever you place an occasional chair in the middle of a room always include a side table, it helps to anchor the chair and it gives you a spot to rest your drink. In this configuration I also moved the TV out of the odd little niche and into an actual media cabinet. A proper media cabinet is a great solution for small spaces, because it not only houses the TV and media components but you also get additional storage. If a full media cabinet like this one isn’t in the budget you could also use a bookshelf.

Black Armoire TV Cabinet for Living Room

OPTION 3 – An Ideal Entertaining Layout

Odd shaped Living Room Furniture Arrangement with Sofa and Occasional Chairs

This last option is the most formal layout, and a great space plan to use if you entertain a lot. It’s the most dramatic and stylish of the options but probably the least practical for watching TV. Again, this layout pushes the heavier sofa to the back of the room and uses the two lighter occasional chairs to define the space. This furniture layout is a great way to feature a pair of decorative accent chairs like these sensational grey chevron chairs, I’m a little addicted to chevron prints right now!

grey chevron armless accent chair for living room

Having the right furniture arrangement in the room will not only make the space look better but a great space plan will also  make your room more functional. So when preparing your space plan always consider your lifestyle and needs, like I did for Jenn’s room.

Of course the space plan is just the beginning of a whole decorating plan. I’ve included a few furniture ideas but I might do another post that shows a few additional decorative accessories. Once I get started on a design it’s hard to stop!

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