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Decorating Advice to Help You Choose a New Kitchen Backsplash Tile

Recently a reader wrote in to me asking for help choosing her backsplash tile. Like a lot of people Rajwinder had it narrowed down to two very similar selections but couldn’t decide which one would ultimately look better in her kitchen. So she very wisely asked for help. Kitchen backsplash tiles are one of the few decorating elements in a kitchen so a mistake here can be obvious.. or costly to change if you really can’t stand the selection.
So here is Rajwinder’s Kitchen:
Kitchen Backsplash Tile Style Options
And here are the two backsplash tile options she gave me to choose from:

kitchen backsplash tile selections

My Decorating Advice:

There are several things to consider when choosing a backsplash tile for your kitchen

Would you like your tile to be a feature in the room or simply compliment your cabinets?

Because there is so much contrast and pattern in these tile styles the the backsplash will be a feature in this kitchen and the unifying element between the lighter granite countertop and dark kitchen cabinets.

Once you’ve got that decision made it’s time to consider style.

This is a very traditional style kitchen, the ornately detailed cabinets and the detail on the panel over the stove are all strong traditional elements so you’ll want to compliment the cabinet style with your tile selection. Of the two styles shown above the one on the left is more contemporary and the right more traditional. The tile on the right has granite and marble inserts giving the tile more variation and texture; a more traditional look. Even though both options are similar the tile on the left has sleeker lines making it a better fit for a more modern kitchen.

Finally choose your tile color.

Both tile options here have great colorways for this kitchen, but if you are in the process of choosing a new tile for your kitchen now is the time to consider your color selections. ALWAYS look at the tile samples beside your cabinet color, I can not stress this enough. Color draws from whatever it is near so you want to make sure that your new tile selection is going to compliment the color of your cabinets, just like Rajwinder has done here.

For Rajwinders kitchen I would recommend choosing tile option 2

If you have a decorating dilemma that you’d like help with, send in a picture of your room along with you request to and we’ll answer your question just like I’ve done here.

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