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Choosing a Hardwood Floor Color

“I would like to put dark cherry hardwood laminate in my open 27′ by 13′ Living Room / Dining Room. My separate but adjacent kitchen has medium colored maple cabinets that match my dining room furniture and living room coffee table (and end tables). Would this work?”

Absolutely, I always recommend that the flooring be the darkest element in the room, it helps to ground the space. Darker floors and lighter walls make the room feel more spacious. The only thing to watch out for is choosing the right colors, to avoid any problems get a few different colored samples of the flooring you are considering. Place the samples on your table (not the floor) to choose your color, the color you initially liked in the store may not actually be the best color next to your dining room table. One final tip: Always be sure that there is enough color variance between the floor and furniture, if the colors are too close it will look like you tried to match and missed!

A dark hardwood floor paired with a light wood Dining Room table