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decorate my home online e-decorating designer sample boardHow does saving thousands of dollars furnishing and decorating your new room sound?
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With speede-decorating we’ve changed things up to make decorating your home easier and more affordable than ever before by combining our design savvy with major discounts from trusted online retailers.

The process is simply, our professional decorating team creates a fabulous, up-to-the-minute room decorating plan using only the most sensational furniture and accessories from big name retailers. We then negotiate serious designer-discounts on each and every item that we’ve included in the speed-e-decorating plan and pass those savings on to you.

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But that doesn’t mean that you have to re-mortgage the house to get these savings, each decorating plan will cost you LESS than $30 bucks

spend $30 = save thousands
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Plus, you get to see exactly what the room will look like BEFORE you purchase. We’ll show you 3-D renderings, take you on a virtual tour of the design and even let you take a peek at a few pages of the speed-e-decorating plan so that you’ll be absolutely sure that this designer room, will look amazing in your home.

Every other week we’ll have a brand new design for you to choose from. And as a special gift for signing up early we’ll give you a $5 off coupon to use towards the purchase of your first speed-e-decorating plan. The official launch of speed-e-decorating isn’t until September, but if you want to take advantage of this exclusive bonus, your names got to be on our mailing list first!

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How to Decorate your Bed

I think that there’s nothing more decadent in the world than crawling into a beautiful, freshly made bed. The smell of clean sheets, the luxury of soft fluffy bedding and the feeling of nestling in, as the sheets gently hug you to sleep.

And, you don’t have to wait for a major renovation to re-decorate your bed, in fact a bedroom is one of the easiest rooms to decorate in stages. So even if a whole master bedroom make-over isn’t in your decorating budget, you can still treat yourself to a glamorous new look by simply replacing your bedding.

A sensational new bedding design will help to
overshadow the less desirable elements in the room.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas, How to make up a beautiful bed

To decorate your bed start by determining which type of top covering/blanket option you’d prefer, a bedspread, coverlet or duvet. It really comes down to personal preference, however bedspreads or coverlets typically work best in formal or traditional bedrooms because they have a more tailored appearance than a casual-looking duvet cover.

OHow to Decorate a Beautiful Bed, Master Bedroom Decorating Tipnce you’ve got that decision made, it’s time for the fun decorating stuff, choosing colors and patterns. I always suggest sticking with a more neutral color scheme; high-quality bed-linens are an investment that can last for a decade or more, with proper care. So choosing a neutral color scheme and pattern instead of trendy style, will ensure that you bedding looks gorgeous with your bedroom, even if your prone to re-decorating on a whim!

The most beautiful beds have simple color schemes where the sheets, pillow shams, pillow cases and bedskirt all match, and co-ordinate with the bedspread or duvet. But, don’t be conservative with the pillows, I suggest using at least two pillowcases, two shams and two accent pillows for anything larger than a twin bed. But don’t stop there, more is better when you’re talking about pillows on a bed!

Decorate a Bedroom with Beautiful Luxury Italian Linens
Milano Collection in Chocolate

When choosing accent pillows, be creative, have a little fun with your selection. A bold throw pillow can satisfy your lust for color or pattern, and because throw pillows are so affordable and easy to swap out you can change up the look in your room seasonally or as the trends evolve. Just make sure that your throw pillows co-ordinate with your overall bed design; a simple way to do this is to ensure that your throw pillow includes one of the colors in your bedding.

You may have noticed that I’m a little obsessive about having a beautiful bed to crawl into. However I believe that giving yourself a beautiful bed to crawl into at the end of a ong day is an easily obtainable luxury, that far too many people deprive themselves of!

Sasha Stricker - decorateITonline


If you’d like to learn more about how to choose the best bed linens, thread counts and the wide variety bedding fibers available I highly recommend downloading the free e-book “The Luxury Bedding Makeover System” by Jay C. Conti co-founder of Belvivere Luxury Italian Linens. It’s the most comprehensive resource I’ve seen on the subject, and they have some pretty sensational bedding sets that are so affordable you don’t just have to dream about them!

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How To Create an Eclectic Art Gallery Style Picture Arrangement or Grouping

Photo Wall Grouping (Picture compliments of Ikea)

One of the hottest design trends right now are those Chic Eclectic Art Gallery picture arrangements for your home. This stylistic form of hanging artwork is a fantastic way to showcase a grouping of your family photos or an artwork collection, and gives you the ability to display several pieces of various size within a relatively small footprint.

Displaying artwork on your walls in groupings, is an art-form itself but after creating several of these sensational decorative walls for clients I’ve come up with a collection of the best designer tricks and tips to make your job easier. This handy how-to guide will help ensure that your new picture arrangement idea is a success!

Start by choosing a large wall in your home and determine how much of that wall you want to cover, 2/3rd of the space is a good guideline to follow but you can also use a furniture piece (like a sofa) to anchor the artwork grouping. If you choose to create your arrangement over a piece of furniture, use the same ratio 2/3rd’s artwork, 1/3rd blank space as illustrated below.

photo gallery wall, art wall

Now that you know roughly how large an area you’d like to cover you’ll need a large piece of paper. I find that the blank, back side of a roll of wrapping paper works well. Cut it to the approximate size of the area you’ll be covering with artwork. Then using low-tack painters tape (so you don’t peel the paint off your walls), gently tape the piece of paper to the wall where your picture arrangement will eventually hang. Take a step back and see if you like the amount of space the hanging artwork grouping will take up, if you need to, adjust the paper size accordingly.

Lay out that same piece of paper on the floor and find the center point of the piece of paper; do this by folding the paper in half both vertically and horizontally, where the folds meet is your center point, unfold the paper and mark the center point.
Gather together the pictures that you’ll be using in your arrangement. Start by placing your largest photo or piece of artwork somewhere near the middle of the paper. Then proceed to layout the rest of your pieces, fitting them together like a jigsaw puzzle within the boundaries of the paper until you get an arrangement that looks good.

Hang photo grouping template, Home Decorating Ideas

Trace the outline of each frame and turn it over so that the back of the frame is facing up, this will be your template. Using your traced outline as a guide slide the picture towards you and draw a line on the paper to illustrate where the picture hanging hardware sits on the frame (or the center point of the wire).

How to hang pictures, gallery wall

Then do the same to show the height of the hanging hardware (B) by sliding the picture frame to the right (within the traced lines) and draw a line to mark the point.

gallery art wall, display family photos

Where the two lines intersect is where you’ll need to install your nail or hook. Repeat this process for each piece of artwork or framed photograph in your grouping.

Once you have the hanging marks for each picture marked on your paper template it’s time to tape the piece of paper back up on the wall. The center point that you marked in step 3 should sit at 57” from the floor. Be sure to level the piece of paper so that it is perfectly straight and square in the desired spot on the wall.
With the paper in place all you need to do is hammer in your nails or Monkey Hooks through the paper using the marker lines you created. TIP: if you’re using hooks, make sure that the bottom of the hook (NOT the nail) lines up with the intersecting lines.

Gently remove the paper from the wall leaving the hooks or nails in place. You can tear the paper if you need to, we’re done with it. Now simply place hang your pictures on the installed hooks, level or adjust as required and YOU’RE DONE!

You now have a perfectly aligned picture arrangement without creating a single pencil mark on your walls. Sit back and enjoy your stylish new Eclectic Art Gallery Picture Wall Arrangement.

DECORATING TIP: These groupings tend to look best if there is a unifying element to your arrangement. I usually recommend using the same picture frames in different sizes like the ones shown here. Shop for these gorgeous picture frames here.

Picture Frames for Photo Grouping
Hammered Copper Picture Frame

For an alternate method and a great tip on selecting picture hanging hardware, check out our “How to Hang Artwork, Pictures and Wall Decor at the Perfect Height Everytime” blog post.