How to Decorate a Sideboard: 7 Designer Tips for Decorating Your Dining Room

Decorating your sideboard is a fantastic opportunity to spice up your Dining Room. Sideboards, Buffets, or Console tables are so much more then additional storage, they’re an opportunity to adorn your room and add a touch of personality to your space. Whether your style is traditional or contemporary here are a few essentials to keep in mind before you begin to decorate a sideboard.

1. Clutter Kills – Simplicity is key, keep your objects or groupings on display to a minimum, too much variety and texture just creates chaos.

West Chelsea Loft modern dining room

by new york interior designer Amy Lau Design

2. Add Height – Because sideboards are typically hidden by the Dining Room table you’ll need to decorate with items that command your attention and height is a fantastic solution. Try vases, tall lamps, branches or tall floral arrangements.

Amoroso Design contemporary dining room

 by san francisco interior designer Amoroso Design

4. Set the Mood – Ambiance in the Dining Room is a must have for a memorable dinner party! Adding candles or the soft glow of buffet lamps brings an additional light source to the room; this flattering backlight gives your guests enough light to see what’s going on without having to crank up the light positioned over the table. Hinkley lighting provides not only wall lights for nice backlighting but decorative over the table light options as well.

Michel Sideboard modern dining room

by philadelphia showroom usona

5. Balance is Key – Avoid having items look like they’ve been abandoned on your sideboard by crafting a balanced design. To create balance choose items that have similar visual weight to place opposite each other.

Global Living / Bluefish Home - Showroom eclectic dining room

by atlanta showroom Global Living

6. Create Interest – Variety adds interest, try using groupings of like objects that each have unique characteristics. Choosing items that have a common thread will create interest without chaos!

Split Oaks Farm Dinign Room eclectic dining room

by boston architect LDa Architecture & Interiors

7. Show off Your Style – Your home is a reflection of your style, it’s your chance to show your guests what matters most to you. So choose to display items you love, and if you’ve got too much stuff try rotating the items you display every season!

The Old Painted Cottage traditional dining room

by los angeles showroom The Old Painted Cottage

Decorating, like most art forms takes practice. Try a few different arrangements before settling on one and don’t be afraid to try something new!

A.P. House contemporary dining room

by  Aurelio Vazquez

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