Ask IT: How Big should my Dining Room Area Rug be?


I recently read your post about “Choosing the Right Area Rug” and found it helpful, but it didn’t cover my specific question.  We have a formal dining room with hardwood floors and would like to add an area rug, but we keep hearing differing opinions on what size it should be.  In your opinion, what is the correct size for a dining room rug?

Dave and Linda

Great Falls, MT


Hi Dave and Linda,


Thanks for the question.  Choosing an area rug for the dining room comes with it’s own set of rules in regard to size.  Basically you want the rug to be large enough that the table and all the chairs will be sitting on on it when they are pushed up to the table (whether they’re occupied or empty).  This requires a minimum overhang of 20″ on each side of the table.  So, if your table dimensions are 30″wide by 72″ long, your rug dimensions would ideally be at least 70″ wide by 112″ long.  It is also important to mirror the profile of the table by keeping the overhang amount the same on all four sides of the table.

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One thought on “Ask IT: How Big should my Dining Room Area Rug be?

  1. In regards to the appropriate rug size. What size should the rug be if you have a table that can extend out – should the rug be the size of the larger or smaller size of the table?

    Our table is 5’x5′ square at its smallest and expands to 5’x~6.5 and 5’x7.5′ (depending on the # leaves used). It is mostly in the smaller size most of the year except when we have our family over for a meal a couple of times a year.

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